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Our workshop concept is about capturing your groups' sustainable ambition and finding common ground within these questions.

Many groups we have met with consist of people of different backgrounds and education, especially in relation to sustainability. Through our labs and the discussions that follow, we let your group meet and discover how their own personal interests coexist with the company's goals. We showcase where these intersections happen in order to create empathic, energetic, and meaningful workgroups.

Take your group to the next sustainable level!

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This last year has demanded all our attention towards making our workshops digital.

We are confident in giving you profound experiences with our digital activities, where we have developed lots of new labs you can do from home.


Always in alignment with your company goals, we go between discussions in breakout rooms, reflective activities, and labs.

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In the heart of Gamlestaden, we have 800 sqm space where we host all our physical events and collaborations.


There is plenty of room indoors to create a safe distance to work together.

We also have the possibility of hosting outdoor events in our own backyard and we always have the safety of your group as our top priority.

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We offer a variety

of focus areas to tailor our workshop to your groups' experience level and interests.

Contact us to get to

know more!

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