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Our Vision

VÄRT means "value" in Swedish, which underlines our commitment to creating social, cultural and economic worth.


The worth we aim to augment is concerning “svinn”,

a precise Swedish word for defining the part of an

inventory that wasn't utilized or properly taken care of. 


Our vision is a society without svinn, a corporate culture that takes circular responsibility and an educated consumer who is equipped to participate in the debate and act accordingly.

Our Purpose

To create functional scalable solutions to the

unsustainable systems of today.


To engage organisations and companies

in the circular development.​​

    Achieving our goal

  • Our team and partners come from a  variety of cross-disciplinary backgrounds which gives us a great spectrum of discussions, content, and solutions.

  • We work directly with our customers and let them see the solutions develop. Being transparent and clear with the knowledge transfer is crucial for us.

  • We always provide practical and physical sustainable experiences to maximize impact and help enable an incentive for change.

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