How to find VÄRT


Get on the tram to Gamlestaden.


The easiest way to get to us is to

go to stop "D" with tram 4, 8 or 9.


Get off and pass over the tracks and

then immediately turn left.


Walk for about 1.5 minutes on the platform along the tracks. Then you'll

see the VÄRT-logo on a brick building

on the left.

If you come with tram  6, 7 or 11 then you get off under a bridge at stop "A".


Walk across the tracks and walk up to the

newly built sky-scraper building to stop "D"


Then follow the directions from the

text above covering position "D"

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Telephone :

Gamlestadsvägen 2,              Building B21, Göteborg

(+46) 768041300

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