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VÄRT is probably the most sustainable event partner in Sweden.


Our venue is ideal for hosting parties, conferences, workshops, performances, business meetings, and anything else you can think of.


In the heart of Gamlestaden, you will find VÄRT,

where design meets function in an incredible industrial space.

The surfaces are rigid with tall vaults, pillars, and partitions between

the different rooms. The industrial feeling has remained and

everywhere you’ll find large open spaces with concrete floors.

These meet greenery in all dimensions and our aeroponic plant towers

creates a unique yet adaptable ambiance.


The interior is designed to easily be moved around or rearranged according to your needs. The materials are wood and metal. The color scheme is black/white with long dark linen curtains that provide a neutral fresh vibe.

Of course, all our interior is reused and upcycled.


Main room      

The main room is a hall of 150 square meters that can be divided into smaller areas and workshop stations. The simple design provides endless possibilities and can accommodate all sorts of companies.

Hosting groups of 20 up to 200 people.

The practical layout and design make us ideal for parties, weddings, corporate presentations, pop-up stores, screenings, fashion shows, fairs; any type of event!

The Freezer       

250 sqm of clean ductile walls, two large pillars that create a beautiful natural delimitation, and a smooth concrete floor in the best condition. A blank canvas.


A large catering kitchen with a capacity of up to 350 servings.

Our proficient team is always ready for new challenges and projects.

The Lab       

Here we invite partners to test different sustainable projects (often food-related but we are happy to contribute to any other field) and together with them we work with developing products and brands.


150 sqm of pure and simple experimental pleasure.

With the possibility of hosting a product test-and-release platform.

Onsite Equipment:

TV screen



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