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Corina Akner

The company's business model and design are formed by Corina Akner whose background is Industrial Design with a profile towards sustainability.

After working as an assistant in the Swedish national chef's experiment kitchen in Stockholm, many years in different restaurants and as a food designer, she found

the potential for her new scene; a food scene to discuss sustainability


Nadine Charlie Ray

Culinary expert with her education in gastronomy at Umeå University.

She is our explorer and has no restrictions or biases when laborating in the kitchen to find new ways to annihilate food waste.

Elin Werner

Designer with a lot of graphic experience. Elin transforms knowledge into pictures and produces visualisations and communication pieces for VÄRT's presentations and workshops.

Gigi Arjomand

Event coordinator and visionary creative, who easily deciphers innovative sustainable concepts. New York has set her tempo and now at VÄRT she is the one really looking into remaking Gothenburg's sustainable event scene.

Wanna join us as a volunteer? 

Even though one of our main purposes is to give

food waste an economically viable space, we still struggle with resources like any start-up. If you have time to spare

to fight our food waste with us,

please send us an email describing your

prior work and we'll contact you when there is

too much work for our crew to handle!