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Developing collaborative design practise 


The word "svinn" is a Swedish word for the part of an inventory that wasn't utilized or properly taken care of and tossed out due to a change in packaging, overstock, seasonal variations or short expiration dates.


We are Gothenburg's most sustainable event space. Together with our partners, we work on the topic of svinn, sustainability and up-cycling. Our design process, cross-disciplinary thinking and trust in craft makes us a unique host for you and your event.

6 minutes east of Gothenburg Central Station in Gamlestaden in a rustic industrial space of 825 square meters, you’ll find VÄRT's headquarter. We use food to equip groups and companies with skills and knowledge for the sustainable shift our society needs. We also provide team-building, labs and workshops for all types of events where we serve great food made from food waste to give you a taste of our work!

[svinn (noun). - et. plural - edible food waste]

We work with all types of waste and by-products where we upcycle these into products that we sell back to the companies we work with. High-quality items that often have a greater value than the main product.

With the food we make we demonstrate what circular economy means, how social economy can work from a business perspective and showcase environmental challenges like the plant-based shift and serve menus showing what food limited to local suppliers would look like.